“There’s no place like home.”
-The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

When asked what members love most about SGPC, the words “home” and “family” always come up first. The Nurture ministries of the church provide care for the congregation in ways that include fun and fellowship, meals and visits, prayers and calls, laughter and embrace.

While never separate, the Nurture Team provides two primary ministries, one of congregational care and the other of fun and fellowship. The extension of God’s care and the joy of Christian community go hand in hand as SGPC is home for all.

  • Twice a month, SGPC gathers on Wednesday evenings for dinner and a program. Some programs are primarily educational while others involve trivia, crafts, and service.
  • A book and movie group meets each month for pizza, wine, and lively conversation.
  • Each year a large group joins in the city’s Pride Parade.
  • Various reasons to celebrate lead to cook outs, game nights, trips to Shelby Farms, walking groups, and more.
  • The Nurture Team provides a Palm Sunday luncheon and an interfaith Thanksgiving dinner.
  • SGPC’s nurture ministry also provides prayer shawls, meals, visits, receptions, prayer, and care for people facing illness, grief, and other challenges.