From the days of the early church, leaders were called by God to guide and care for the church community. Following that example, Shady Grove elects a Session made up of faithful leaders. The Session’s primary responsibilities are to support and supervise the work of the church and assure appropriate stewardship of resources. Ruling Elders (members who are called to serve on the Session) are nominated each year in January and serve three-year terms. Teaching Elders (ordained Clergy) also sit on the Session. The Session is moderated by the Teaching Elder/Pastor of the church.

Cindy Allen serves as chair of the church’s Nominating Committee and is a member part of the Nurture Team, and Community Outreach Team. She is involved in most areas of the church and previously served as chair of the Worship Team. In addition, Cindy is the creator of the church’s Manual of Operations.

Mary Alice Brake has been a member of Shady Grove for over 19 years. She serves as co-chair of the Nurture Team and is on the Community Outreach Team. She coordinates the care and nurture the church provides for members. Mary Alice helps with Saturday Supper and serves as the Session’s commissioner to the Presbytery.

Rebecca Bishop is a newer member of Shady Grove and serves as the chair of the Christian Formation Team. In addition to serving on the Session and reforming the Christian Formation program, Becky has provided yoga and silent meditation classes for the church and larger community.

Meredith Walsh is the chair of the Community Outreach Team and sits on the Christian Formation Team. She deep compassion for God’s people who tend to live on the margins of society. Under her leadership, Shady Grove has an active relationship with families who have come to Memphis seeking refuge. Meredith also sings in the church choir.

Ellen Watson has been a member of Shady Grove for over 15 years and currently serves as the Clerk of the Session for the church. Ellen is also involved in guiding transitional leadership, envisioning stewardship plans, and being part of PW Bible Study.

Cathy Braswell serves as the co-chair of the Nurture Team to which she brings boundless energy and creativity. She guides the team to provide Wednesday night dinners, cookouts, and church-wide gatherings that have helped bring the church family back together since COVID.

John Whirley serves as the chair of the Worship Team and as the volunteer choir director for Shady Grove. He reformed the choir post-COVID, serves as liturgist, leads children’s chats, and does whatever it takes to make worship services meaningful and faithful.

Dawn Kallaher serves as the chair of the Building and GroundsProperty Team. Without hesitation Dawn heads down to the basement to rip out carpet or onto the roof to determine leaks. Dawn can fix almost anything and is devoted to maintaining the beautiful campus of Shady Grove.

Emily Kearney has been a member of Shady Grove for over 14 years and has served in many ways. Currently she is the chair of the Personnel Team and sits on the Christian Formation Team. She is also involved with Saturday Supper, Prizm, and is in the choir.