UPDATED Women’s Self Defense Workshop

UPDATED Women’s Self Defense Workshop

*IMPORTANT UPDATE* The date has changed to Saturday, June 15th.

Join Train With 901FT in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday, June 15th at 9am. This workshop is designed to provide techniques on “situational awareness” to avoid an attacker. If those don’t work, it will instill techniques to engage the attacker, disengage and escape. You will learn what to look for, what to say to the attacker, how to call for help to get someone to respond, how to temporarily distract or incapacitate the attacker and give yourself time to escape. 

The cost is $35/person. Please email Angie if you haven’t already to RSVP! 

For more information visit:  https://www.trainwith901ft.com/women-s-self-defense



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